What is Inbound Marketing?

what is inbound marketing strategy

If you’re looking to grow your business through marketing but don’t know where to start? Inbound marketing might be the answer. The inbound methodology breaks down how to create informative, engaging content that meets your ideal buyers where they are with the right message, at the right time. Keep reading to learn more about inbound marketing and how it can help you grow your business.

Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is methodology that creates tailored experiences and valuable content to attract attracts customers. Unlike traditional outbound marketing that interrupts your audiences experience (thinks ads, cold emails and cold calls) inbound marketing connects your audience to your business through helpful, timely content that solves issues they already have.

The Inbound Methodology 

The inbound methodology is the method of growing your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers. It’s about valuing and empowering these people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you.

Attract – Attract your ideal customer with helpful content that establishes your brand as a trusted solution.

A key component of developing an inbound marketing strategy is creating helpful content and resources that attract your ideal persona. Blogs, content offers, social media posts, videos and infographics, can all be helpful content pieces for people who are researching solutions to an identified problem. Identifying the pain points of your ideal buyer and then creating a content strategy around solving for those issues is an effective way to attract potential buyers to your solution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial factor in the success of your inbound marketing strategy. Optimizing your website for search can improve the visibility of your content and make it easier for people to find your website when researching solutions on the internet.

It is then important that you create opportunities for your visitors to engage with your content and connect with you online.

Engage – Engage your prospects with insights and solutions that resonate with their pain points and goals, moving them to a purchasing decision.

Creating opportunities for engagement on your website is how you convert your attracted visitor to leads. Developing content that they can download or share or offering free demos or webinars, allows visitors to raise their hand and say “I’m interested in this solution and I want to know more”. Once they’ve engaged with your business, it is vital to continue to engage them with helpful information and supporting resources. Aligning your sales demos or pitch with the marketing content they have been engaging with can create a seamless experience for your prospect and instill confidence that your company is a reputable, trusted solution provider.

Delight -Go beyond the transaction, and support your client with helpful resources that empower them and reinforce their purchasing decision.

The client/customer lifecycle does not end at the point of sales. Developing a customer delight strategy can help establish your business as a trusted partner and evangelize your customers, leading to repeat revenue and word-of-mouth marketing (still the most effective marketing tactic).

Customer delight strategies can include offering a knowledge base where customer can easily self-service when they have questions or issues. Using chatbots to automate support or connecting users to live support specialists through chat is another great way to allow customers to solve issues quickly and easily.

Part of an effective delight strategy is actively seeking feedback and new ways to solve for your clients/customers. Deploying annual and/or transactional NPS surveys, or scheduling regular checkins with your customers can ensure you’re keeping your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction and not letting important relationships fall through the crack.

Using inbound marketing to grow and scale your business

Ready to get started with inbound marketing? You don’t have to go it alone! Our team of passionate, expert inbound marketers are here to help you build the foundation and scale your marketing efforts. To learn more, schedule a free marketing assessment. 

What is Inbound Marketing?

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