Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

marketing automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of leveraging marketing technology and software to create a more personal experience for your consumers and increase efficiency for your business.

It allows you to prioritize and execute your marketing needs in  more efficiently  by automating emails and follow-up tasks and integrating systems for better insight and management   wThis frees up your time without compromising your business reputation and customer service. Marketing automation makes it easier to achieve your marketing goals while still giving each visitor the personalized experience they expect . 

With your marketing streamlined, your engagement increases and in turn you generate more leads which turns into more customers. Sounds great right? Well it is, as long as you have a  solid foundation to start with. This means having the right software tools to develop and execute marketing automation.  

Introduction to Marketing Automation Software



HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales software that features a CRM as well as Marketing, Sales and Service hubs. HubSpot helps companies attract prospects,generate leads, and  nurture those leads to grow revenue. The CMS feature also allows you to host your website and manage landing pages, blogs, and other important content all in one system.

HubSpot’s marketing automation tool features Workflows and Sequences which allow you to automate email replies, updated contact properties, schedule reminders, populate lists, and many other functions that streamline your processes. 


  • All-in-one marketing, sales and services solution
  • User-friendly
  • Top-tier customer support for any questions you may have, as well as a massive research library to self teach. 
  •  HubSpot Academy for learning basics for the software and concepts. 
  • Large network of solutions partners and also offers special pricing options for small businesses. 
  • Native, easy-to-manage integrations with hundreds of other marketing and sales tools


  •  Can be pricey depending on your organization’s needs/goals



Marketo is a marketing automation platform  for enterprise companies that have large contact databases and complex email marketing needs.  

With Marketo, marketers can create forms and landing pages and automate email follow-ups and internal alerts. If integrated with a CRM like Salesforce, Marketo also allows you to update contact properties and create campaigns to track success.


  • Adobe product
  • Integrates well with salesforce and other CRM tools


  • Expensive compared to similar tools
  • Steep learning curve for people new to email marketing or marketing technology
  • Integrations and property mapping need to be set up by a web developer



Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software designed to create strong connections, generate more leads and close more deals. It includes streamlined sales management, lead generation, email marketing, sales alignment, ROI reporting and AI. 


  • A Salesforce product – big plus for existing Salesforce users


  • Limited capabilities compared to other systems



Mailchimp is an email marketing  platform that allows you to  manage mailing lists and create marketing campaigns and newsletters. It has some automation capabilities but is primarily an email marketing tool. 


  •  Inexpensive to use.
  • Integrates with other CRM and CMS tools


  • Automation campaigns can be confusing to set up
  • Limited reporting capabilities 


Getting started with marketing automation

Marketing automation software simplifies your processes, saving you time and creating a more streamlined experience for the people you engage with. If you’re ready to get started with marketing automation but need help choosing the right tools for your business and goals, schedule a free assessment with our team. As marketing automation specialists and experts in marketing technology, we can help you pick the right software for your needs and get you on the right path toward marketing bliss.

Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

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