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Build a digital marketing machine

Looking to grow and convert more leads? You need to meet your customer where they are with the right message at the right time. That’s the inbound methodology. Let our inbound marketing experts create a digital marketing machine that capture leads and moves them through your marketing funnel.

Our inbound marketing strategy includes:

digital marketing

Digital marketing Services

Execute an inbound strategy

Ready to grow your business through inbound and digital marketing strategies? Start with a digital marketing audit.

You audit includes a critical look at your current digital marketing practices, including: social media, website, and email marketing. We provide you with a temperature check of your current strategy and a roadmap to help you track toward your goals.

Content Strategy

In digital marketing, Content is King. We’ll develop a content strategy that feeds the top of your funnel and educates your prospects and clients with helpful information at the right stage in their buying journey.


Search Engine Optimization. Everyone has heard about it, but few really understand how it works. As experts in inbound, we’ll implement SEO best practices and build content around your target keywords to help you get found and get leads organically.

Email Marketing

From auto-responders to multi-step workflows, we can build email marketing campaigns that deliver timely, effective content to your leads and help drive them toward a purchasing decision. We’ll optimize and iterate as we go to ensure your message is always delivering. ​

Social Media strategy

We take an omni-channel approach to inbound marketing. We’ll meet your prospects where they are, and build a social media strategy around the platforms and tools they’re using, that support the goals and messaging of your inbound campaigns.​

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Want to learn more about how GenBound can help you achieve your goals? Book a meeting with a revenue growth specialist to discuss your needs.

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